Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dumping the Scientologists

My long exile from St. Augustine by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Santa Monica is over.

The lease of their school facilities to the "Church" of Scientology is over.

Why did a Christian church lease its facilities to Scientology?

Ask Judas why he accepted 30 pieces of silver for telling the authorities where Jesus would be on a certain night in about 30 CE.  


I can now visit the church once in a while with my husband, who kept his membership during the siege of the Scientologists.  (He and others tried to prevent the lease but failed.)

During my exile, however, I joined a local Presbyterian church, where I have since developed quite a few friendships.  

Therefore, I will only be an occasional visitor to St. A's.

See the tweet below:

Exciting times - the school tenants on campus are moving out & a new #Episcopal preschool is starting this fall! https://t.co/3igV6uyt6B

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