Monday, June 13, 2016



Say this to your kids.
Say this to your husband.
Say this to your ex.
Say this to your brother.
Say this to every white male you meet on the street.
Say this to every Christian fundamentalist standing near an abortion clinic.
Say this to every Muslim who expresses admiration for Al Qaeda or ISIS.
Say this to everyone who expresses hatred for Jews--for blacks--for Muslims--for Mexicans--for immigrants--for women--for any other group.
Say this to your students.
Say this to your parishioners.
Say this to the worshippers in your temple or mosque.
Say this to your employees.
Say this to your employers.

If you're a singer, sing it.
If you're a blogger, blog it.
If you're a preacher, preach it.
If you're a legislator, vote for gun control.
If you're a citizen, vote out those who allow weapons to proliferate.
If you're an NRA member, get out.
If you're not a member of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, join it.
If you're not a member of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, join it.
Sign petitions.
Call Congress.

If you're a Republican, change the stands your party takes.
If you're a Democrat, get active.  
If you're a None, be sure you vote.

There were people around this latest killer in Orlando, may his name be forgotten.  
Some reported him, others helped him.

To the extent that we speak and act, we prevent future killings.

To the extent that we don't, we allow the killing to go on.

We are all complicit.

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