Monday, March 7, 2016

Prayers and Shushing

Hillary did a great job last night in the debate.  I especially liked her answer to the question, "Do you pray?"

She said she prays for certain friends and family members with illnesses or problems, and she prays for our leaders.

"If I weren't already praying, being in the White House for eight years would have started me praying," she quipped.  I can only imagine those pressures.

Bernie had one bad moment--when he shushed Hillary for interrupting him.

Janell Ross, author of the commentary in the Washington Post, commented:

No one is saying Sanders and Trump are on equal footing in the terrain of public offensiveness or displays of sexism. But when it comes to women, Sanders and some of his supporters' public behavior seem to inhabit a nearby Zip code. And the time where that kind of behavior — even hints of possibly sexist thinking — will be ignored or go unnoticed is probably long dead. 
It reminded me of the way my long-winded husband complains about being interrupted.  

As long as he is holding the floor, no one else can interrupt.  But at home there's no time limit on speech-making.

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