Friday, January 4, 2013

Jesus and the Water

In his three short years of ministry, Jesus forgot to say anything about homosexuality, contraceptives, and abortion.  Either that or his disciples forgot to write it down.

But Jesus did have a lot to say about water.

I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink.  I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.  Come, you blessed of God, and inherit the realm prepared for you... (Matthew 25:34-35)

Give me a drink he asked a woman when he was traveling in Samaria (John 4:7).

Any who are thirsty, let them come to me and drink (John 7:37).

Today the modern-day Samaritans of Green Valley, Arizona, took me with them on a water drop  (see above view at dawn before leaving).

Ricardo Osburn and Dick Bernard drove me down to Arivaca Road, and we set off in Woof, their white Ford Explorer, on dirt roads to five locations where crates of 8-20 one-gallon jugs of water are placed out on the desert for migrants who may be wandering out there, two or three days after they've run out of water.  

Another Samaritan volunteer, Ed McCullough, a retired geologist from the University of Arizona, had selected the 24 sites by figuring out which trails are most heavily traveled and where bodies have been found.  

Harry Smith, Ricardo, Dick, and others visit the sites on a weekly basis, noting which locations are used the most and which are not; unused locations are dropped and others added.

We covered five locations on this morning's drive, starting near Arivaca and circling a small range of mountains called Cerro Colorado.  At each spot we checked the jugs to replace those that were empty or partially used.

During this cold week of early January, most of the sites had water bottles still unused.

But still there was satisfaction in knowing that for one day of my life, I was doing something Jesus had specifically recommended: giving water to the thirsty.  

And welcoming strangers, too--the people who are risking their lives to walk across this desert, unwelcome and unwanted in this country.

The Bible has a lot to say about being kind to strangers and foreigners--why do we Americans ignore those words completely?

Do not mistreat or oppress foreigners, for you once were foreigners in Egypt. (Exodus 22:21)

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