Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ending Poverty--So Easy!

Oxfam released a study today prepared for the World Economic Forum in Davos with a startling set of statistics.  Just in case everyone hasn't heard this report, I'll post on it here with a link.

The $240 billion net income in 2012 of the richest 100 billionaires would be enough to make extreme poverty history four times over, according Oxfam’s report ‘The cost of inequality: how wealth and income extremes hurt us all.’ It is calling on world leaders to curb today’s income extremes and commit to reducing inequality to at least 1990 levels.

"This type of imbalance is absolutely evil," commented Blaise Bonpane on KPFK

Thank you, Oxfam, for this reminder that hunger is not a given; it's a phenomenon of the inequal distribution of wealth and resources on this globe.

Likewise, budget deficits are not a given.  They are a product of ten years of war combined with unrestrained capitalist gambling.  

Follow the link to find out what steps we can take to move our social order toward less inequality of income.

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