Friday, November 27, 2009

In Memoriam: Mike Penner

It's not easy to be a sexual being. We are pushed and pulled by desires, responsibilities, boundaries.

It's even harder to live between the two ends of the gender continuum, as Mike Penner did.

A sports columnist for the Los Angeles Times, he announced his gender change to become Christine Daniels two years ago but returned to his birth name in recent columns.

"The hardest thing he had ever done" the AP reports him saying.

Apparently, he took his own life today, one of the first casualties of this year's holiday season.

See this AP news report posted on

We are all asked or asking, "How was your Thanksgiving?"

Our hopes for acceptance and love in family holiday gatherings are high--but we face intense interactions with parents, siblings, children, and others who may lack empathy and betray us for their own reasons.

Let us give thanks for Mike's honesty and his 52 years of courage.

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