Saturday, June 10, 2017

Claire McCaskill speaks out

Senator Claire McCaskill

"Will there be a hearing?" Senator Claire McCaskill asks Hatch, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, in regard to the health care bill currently being crafted in backrooms of the Senate.

"You say 'We'd love your support.'  For what?" she asks, noting that the content of the bill has not been revealed though Republicans are hoping to pass the bill soon.

"We're not even going to have a hearing," she charges.

"You are just going to pass it with 50 votes and the Vice-President.... You know the value of the hearing process and the amendment process.... Give me an opportunity to work with you.  That's what's so discouraging about this process."

Thank you to John Arthur for finding and forwarding this tweet to me.

Thank you to Sen. McCaskill for her skill and hard work to become a senator and member of the Finance Committee.

I feel represented in the Senate though there are only 21 women out of 100 senators--wish I were not so used to having few women in government and no woman president.

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