Saturday, December 24, 2016

So Lynch Could Have Blocked Comey...

The underpinnings of the 2016 presidential election continue to emerge, and what Hillary was up against looks worse every day.

Now there's a long report in the Washington Post about exactly how & why Attorney General Loretta Lynch did not order James Comey not to release his damaging letter to Congress 12 days before the election.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was up against Russian sabotage of Democratic National Committee emails.

She was up against James Comey and the FBI.

She was up against a weak attorney general who didn't have the courage to smack down Comey.

And she was up against her husband Bill, who two months earlier had ambled over to Lynch's plane at the Phoenix airport and talked for half an hour--leaving Lynch somewhat "compromised" in her ability to appear as unbiased if she defended the presidential candidate against Comey's interference.

Here's what the Justice Department saw when they looked at Comey's letter on Oct. 27:

Justice officials laid out a number of arguments against releasing the letter. It violated two long-standing policies. Never publicly discuss an ongoing investigation. And never take an action affecting a candidate for office close to Election Day. Besides, they said, the FBI did not know yet what was in the emails or if they had anything to do with the Clinton case.

But neither AG Lynch nor her deputy Sally Q. Yates spoke out to Comey, forbidding him to send his letter to Congress.

The unfairness of it all is overwhelming.  dt got every lucky break in the book, and many that were in no book prior to this insanely compromised election.

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