Thursday, April 28, 2016

Presidential Gender

Things have changed since Shirley Chisholm ran for president in 1972.

That year was my first chance to vote in a presidential race, and I voted for her in the Democratic primary.  

She was the lone woman seeking to be president of the USA that year.

This year we have a woman who will win the nomination for the Democratic Party's candidate for president.

This year the bumbling GOP candidates are trying to strengthen their hand by selecting a woman as a running mate.

Ted Cruz has announced his VP choice three months ahead of the convention--an unheard of move.   He's gambling that a woman as his running mate will improve his chances, and he needs her help immediately.

I love this turn-around: men needing women to win the office held by men for two hundred and twenty years.    

Hillary Clinton may not be the best candidate for president we've ever seen, but she will be a better president than most of the men who have won that honor.

I'm grateful that I have lived to see this day.

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