Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Prayer for the Bereaved

O merciful Creator, you have taught us in your Word that it is not your will that a parent should lose a child.  
You sent us Jesus, who wept when Lazarus died, 
who brought the widow's son back to life, 
who said "Talitha, cum" to the daughter of Jairus.
Look with pity on the sorrows of your servants for whom this prayer is offered.
Remember them, O loving God, in mercy.
Nourish their souls with patience.  
Comfort them with a sense of your goodness.
Lift up your face toward them that they may feel your presence,
and give them peace, through Jesus of Nazareth, 
the one you sent and anointed to be our Saviour.

Adapted from The Book of Common Prayer using John 11:35, Luke 7:11-15, and  Mark 5:22-24, 35-43.

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