Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mothers of Gaza

What a horrible summer it has been.  

Four little boys playing soccer on a beach in Gaza, killed.  This photo in Wednesday's New York Times.

Their mothers wailing:
At the Bakr family house on Wednesday afternoon, women wept and wailed. One cursed both Israel and Hamas. Another, Nasreen al-Bakr, noted quietly that Hamas had killed 10 of her family members in factional fighting.
Relatives identified the boys as Mohammad, 11 or 12, Ismail, 9, Zakariya, 10, and Ahed, 7 or 9, an only son with seven sisters. In the chaos of an extended family milling about in mourning, there was some confusion about the ages.

NYT reporter Anne Barnard describes how the kids were confined for nine days because of Israeli bombing of Gaza but late on Tuesday afternoon sneaked out to play on the beach where their family earned a living by fishing.

To Israel, it was just an accident.  A mistake of war.  Sometimes you hit Hamas militants, sometimes you hit kids.

Even from a distance of 8,000 miles, I'm drawn into the heart of this horror.  The scene plays on my television screen. 

As a mother, I grieve with these mothers in Gaza.

I grieved with the Orthodox women in Israel whose three sons were found murdered in the West Bank on June 30 after being missing since June 12.

I mourned Palestinian teen kidnapped from his home and killed in revenge on July 2. 

There's a daily toll in Gaza and Israel being kept by the New York Times.

Meanwhile, the thousands of women and children are apprehended on the US border and bused to various retention centers.  How can Congress refuse to act on President Obama's humanitarian relief plan?

Mahatma Gandhi said, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

This summer's vengeance killings are scarring human life on this earth.

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