Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gay Lobby in Vatican

Pope Francis says there's a gay lobby in the Vatican, and he's infallible, so it must be true.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi can't deny it--to do so would be to deny infallibility.

I'd like to know exactly what words he used (in Spanish).  In English, just use of the term gay rather than homosexual implies some comfort with the concept of same-sex relations.

And what are these guys lobbying for?

Not gay rights, I guess.  Not acceptance of same-sex orientation as just another way in which humans are created.

The story says they lobby for influence and power--interesting: a boys' club within the boys' club.  I wonder how powerful this inner group is.

My friend at work who attended the Pontifical Institute of Theology and Philosophy in Rome said that many priests there and even Pope Benedict XVI are gay.  However, gays who hate gays and legislate against them is not a new phenomenon.  

The good news is that this secret is now out in the open.  

Next step: lobbying for acceptance.

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