Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis

There is a God... and there's still a God in the Roman Catholic Church, as demonstrated by the election of Pope Francis, a humble archbishop from Argentina.

The blue and white flag with the central emblem now flies outside my house (I bought it on a trip to Argentina   to visit my daughter who was studying there a few years ago).

I am amazed and in tears.  I fully expected a new pope who was Italian and in most respects a carbon copy of Joseph Ratzinger.

As the hullaballoo builts up over the conclave, I said to myself, "The cardinals are probably as identical as figures cut out of a folded piece of paper and pulled out to form six figures.  It doesn't matter who the next pope is--they are all alike."

But I am wrong.  This man chose not to live in the archbishop's palace but instead to live in an apartment and commute to work.

He has chosen the name Francis--the saint of poverty.

Hope remains for the RCC.

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