Saturday, September 29, 2012

EEWC: A Gold Mine of Friends

I had the pleasure of visiting Virginia and Suzannah at their home in Cedar Crest near Pompton Plains, NJ, last weekend because I was in New York for my mother-in-law's 90th birthday party. 

To the right is the open door of their home, with campaign photos for President Obama on it.

For more photos of Cedar Crest, see this link:

(For personal photos, see those from my visit to their home a year and a half ago.)

This weekend I'm with Sharon Billings (former EEWC coordinator) and five other friends met through EEWC (Karen Torjeson, Barbra Graber, Joanne Feldmeth, Jeanne Sales, and Lois Lorentzen).  We toured Point Reyes National Seashore today.

Two weeks ago I attended a 70th birthday party for Elizabeth Nordquist, where saw Libbie Patterson and Karen Berns.  Elizabeth and Libbie planned our 1978 conference in Pasadena.  

EEWC--Christian Feminism Today has been such a rich source of friendships for me!

I remember in the fall of 1970, in my first year or two of eager feminism, moving to Berkeley to start graduate school and realizing that I had almost no female friends.  My friends in undergraduate years had been either roommates or men, many from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Determined to begin some new friendships with women, I asked a woman in my classes if she would like to be friends, but she was married and working full-time as well as starting a doctoral program, so it didn't work out.

Today, forty years later, I look back on a life-time rich with women friends, thanks in great part to the women I met through EEWC.

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