Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vatican Declares War on Nuns

The Vatican sent out a statement today criticizing American nuns for being influenced by "radical feminism" and taking a position in favor of women becoming priests.

If hearing a call from God to serve the church as a priest is seen as "radical," that shrinks the ground identified as faithful.  Would a strait jacket be a small enough place to keep the women?

The "doctrinal assessment" also said the leadership organization representing 80% of the 57,000 Catholic nuns in the US was not speaking out strongly enough against homosexuality and abortion.

In a reaction today, Annmarie Sanders, IHM, director of communications for the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, said they were "stunned" by the conclusions of the investigation into them and their work.

Essentially, the Vatican has declared war on American nuns.

Joseph Ratzinger may not live to regret it, but many men who were part of this "doctrinal assessment" will regret their schismatic ruling.

Do they actually think the nuns are going to "correct" their 1977 position opposing "the reservation of priestly ordination to men"? 

This attack will only increase the gulf between women of the Roman Catholic Church and the ruling men. 

Actually, this step will hasten the process of the Catholic church accepting regular ordination of women.  It places the issue on the front burner of the church's stove, where it will receive scrutiny and lots of heat.

Thanks, guys. 

Mark my words: you'll be ordaining women priests by around 2050. 

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