Monday, December 5, 2011

Princessing: A Tough Job

What a thoughtful article by Naomi Wolf about the "I want to be a princess" phenomenon among our little girls.

Wolf tells feminist mothers not to worry: this desire to be a princess can reflect a desire for more power and authority, not just pretty dresses.

Discussing Kate Middleton, Wolf says "Princessing is good, hard work these days."

I admit to a less enlightened attitude as my daughters chose princess costumes on Halloween after Halloween...

Hey Roz, Ellen, and Marie: I'm now on board with the princess thing.

Thank you to Laila Ayoub in my RS 304 class at CSU Northridge for pointing this article out to me.

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SagRising said...

Yes, very interesting article indeed. While i do think that most little girls are initially attracted to the princess persona b/c of the pretty dresses and glitter, one can only hope that somewhere along the way they are also picking up on the empowering, hardworking, do-gooder princess aspect.

-The original Princess, Marie