Saturday, November 19, 2011

Abuse upon Abuse

Ten years old and giving birth by Caesarean section... being cut open.  Better than being ripped open by the head of a baby. 

The girl checked into a hospital in Puebla near Mexico City "because she was suffering from seizures and other potentially fatal complications."

"The birth has been reported to the state's Attorney General Office and is under investigation as to whether the girl was raped, and if so, by whom." 

Whether the girl was raped?  She had a choice over whether to have sexual intercourse? Does a 9 or 10-year-old even know where babies come from and what the consequences of a "choice" might be?

The article then reports on an 11-year-old girl in Northeast Mexico who was also gave birth. 

Finally Fox informs us, "State laws in Mexico prohibit abortions for young mothers unless there is proof that they were victims of sexual assault.  The legal age of consent in Mexico is 12 years old." 

So 12 year-olds and older can say yes and it's not rape. 

For girls 10 and 11, any sexual intercourse that occurs is rape, duh.

Final insult: the 10-year-old, after seizures and surgery, is being told to breastfeed this infant.

Thank you to Guadalupe Ruiz for alerting me to this story. 

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