Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nuns vs. Rome

Sr. Sandra Schneider will speak in Los Angeles this afternoon to a packed room of nuns and other Catholics and feminists. Tickets are sold out, and I didn't plan ahead to get one.

Her passionate words against Rome's current investigation of American nuns appeared in the National Catholic Reporter last August.

"The current 'Apostolic Visitatino' is not a normal dialogue between religious and church authorities," which occurs annually in Rome, she explains. "It is the ecclesiastic analogue of a grand jury indictment, set in motion when there is a reasonable suspicion, probable cause, or a prima facie case of serious abuse or wrong-doing of some kind."

One might expect that the recent child sexual abuse scandal or its cover-up by bishops would have set in motion a visitation--but no. It's the nuns that Rome is worried about.

The elderly nuns who have worked 40 to 60 years without sex scandals and almost without pay are getting investigated.

This "visitation" could light the slow-burning fuse that will result in an explosion of changes in the church of Rome--including women priests, married priests, and a structural shift away from the top-down rule of the Pope.

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Steve said...

Where does one get:
"The elderly nuns who have worked 40 to 60 years without sex scandals..."?

Gee... could it be that 95% of the nun orders report to the Office of Consecrated Life in the Vatican?

Gee... could it be that the Leadership of Women Religious and Council of Mother Superiors have repeatedly refused request for nun survivors to speak at their conferences?

Gee... could it be that the Apostolic Visitation does nit include sexual abuse by nuns?

The nuns have squelched nun sexual abuse of children, young teens, and vulnerable adults just have much as the bishops have if not better.

To think that nuns have not sexually abused is living in denial

Steve Theisen
Iowa SNAP Director