Monday, March 22, 2010

N.O.W. Is Nuts

National Organization for Women declares it's "incensed"
by Obama decision to issue an executive order upholding
no federal funding for abortion.

NOW says Obama campaigned as "pro-choice,"
but his actions today "suggest his commitment shaky at best."

Give me a break!

President Obama and Nancy Pelosi just knocked
themselves out to open health care to 32 million
Americans, and NOW is complaining about an executive
order that doesn't change anything?

Without the votes of Stupak and his buddies,
the health care bill wouldn't have passed.

I support abortion rights as much as the next person--
I took the time to gather women's abortion stories for a
book supporting the pro-choice position.

It's childish to be incensed about the executive order.

The President's commitment has not wavered one bit.

Both he and Pelosi are experienced in the art of
horse trading to get legislation passed.

They sold Stupak on the opportunity to buy a horse
he already owned.

Through this deal, Stupak saved face.

Go the the Planned Parenthood website to see a more
mature perspective on the Executive Order.

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