Friday, December 18, 2009

Guilt-tripping of raped women

Thank you to Letha Dawson Scanzoni and, a young women's online feminist community, for alerting me to this report on the Reproductive Health Reality Check website.

In a nutshell, the "Human Life" (sic) Alliance is saying that women who are raped, whether by strangers, acquaintances, or family members/incest, should not choose abortion. It will only "make matters worse."

Sheesh! Please let us each retain the right to decide if carrying a rapist's baby to term will make things better or worse--as US law now allows us to do.

Don't decide for us.

And don't tell us we are murderers if we don't want to take a year out of our lives to bear a child that we then either have to raise or place up for adoption, hoping it will find a good home.

Note: take time to join the RH Reality Check website. If it had 310 million members, maybe this anti-choice nonsense would go away.

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