Saturday, October 17, 2009

Anouska Shankar

The day after I made the wish to hear a woman play the sitar, pouf!

You Tube links to Anoushka Shankar appeared in my inbox.

Thank you to Abby, who waved the internet wand:

1) Anouschka Shankar and violinist Josh Bell performing together. "Much easier to follow for the Western ear," comments Abby.

2) Anouschka with her dad, Ravi, performing together. "Watch to the end for a charming little surprise visitor," adds Abby.

3) A slide show of Anouschka and her half-sister Norah Jones performing together:

I am enchanted by seeing Anouschka perform. A whole concert would be heavenly.

I relate so much better to everything from music to politics when I see a woman before me.

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