Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cheap Words

I used to hear $10 words more often.

Now all humans, male or female, chums or bosses, are "you guys."

Alexander Stern complains in today's New York Times about current use of the phrase "Is that a thing?"

He bemoans the loss of more accurate words--"the rage," "a fad," "a trend"--all blended into the bland word "thing."

I'm with you, Alexander.  

I bristle every time some one lumps me into the category of "guys."  I don't often reveal my contempt for those who use this term, but I catalog the speaker into a class of people who are ignorant, sloppy, and ill-mannered in their use of language, however brilliant they may be in other areas.

As Alexander notes, and George Orwell before him, our culture affects our choice of words, and our word choice affects our culture and government, 

In 1948 Orwell memorialized the problem with his book 1984, but it's still happening in 2016.

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