Sunday, January 3, 2016

Santa Gisela Mota

Mayor Gisela Mota of Temixco, Mexico, gave her life in her fight against organized crime.

Thank you, Deborah Bonello, for your report in the LA Times.

Mayor Mota promised to fight the drug-transporting gangs in Mexico, and they feared her.  

They were scared enough that they had to kill her--on the day after she was elected.

May another man or woman rise up to take her place and continue the fight.

May the criminal gangs learn that they can't win.

May tourists who visit Cuernavaca pay homage to Mayor Mota.  May they pay attention to the kidnappings and extortions in Cuernavaca.  

May the tourist business not go on as usual.  

May everyone everywhere honor this brave woman and remember her name: Gisela Mota.

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