Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pro-Life Killers

Thinking about the lives lost in Colorado Springs...

People believe that they can shout and wave signs outside a Planned Parenthood clinic and still be innocent when blood is shed at that location by a crazy man.

These people and the gunman are "pro-life."

The gunman showed his commitment to the lives of fertilized eggs by killing adults on the street and at a health clinic.

These demonstrators vent their fury and unknowingly fan the flames of violence.  

To try another metaphor, their emotions and words ferment in the brains of fringe lunatics, sometimes resulting in mayhem.

“There are protests of varying sizes outside that building probably six days a week,” said one person who was interviewed. Sometimes the protests attract as many as 200 people, but “most days there are a dozen people there,” he added.

May this clinic reopen in peace and no longer be plagued by violence.

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