Sunday, May 17, 2015

In Memory of Argentina's Disappeared

Thank you to Jennifer Elliott of the Department of Religious Studies at CSU Northridge for telling me that the website for the documentary Our Disappeared/Nuestros Desaparecidos appreciated my post of September 2008 about watching the film.

They quoted from my post on their website under the "Comments" section.

What an inquiring mind Jennifer has--hearing about this documentary, checking out its website, and then skimming all the comments about it.

This is an illustration of the World-Wide Web:

1) Draw a line from Argentina to Los Angeles (the film being shown in LA in 2008 and me watching it).
2) Draw a line from Los Angeles to Argentina (a web person there reading my review and putting it on their website).
3) Draw a line from Argentina to Northridge (Jennifer reading the documentary's website in 2015).
4) Draw a line from Northridge to Santa Monica (Jennifer telling me about the use of my post).
5) Draw a line from Santa Monica to Argentina (me posting on it again).

That's a web of lines right there, not counting all the people who heard about the film and watched it from 2008 to now as a result of the web.

Buy or stream Our Disappeared from the website above--it's well worth your time and attention.

During the dictatorship of Jorge Rafael Videla, people were snatched off the street for the slightest possible offenses--reading a fashion magazine or reacting to the kidnapping of a friend.  Then they were murdered.

Videla died in 2013--read about him:

Read about the alliance between him and the US--President Ronald Reagan was one of his key backers:

The documentary reviews the cases of some of those kidnapped by interviewing family members, in some cases the children of the person killed.

My 2008 post about the film, including two people's comments:

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