Monday, May 8, 2017

Take me as I am...

Pacific Coast near Pt. Mugu, north of Malibu

Spiritual director Elizabeth Nordquist led us in singing this song from the Wild Goose Worship Group, part of the Iona Community on an island off the coast of northwest Scotland.  It was composed by John Bell in 1995.

Take, oh take me as I am.

Summon up what I shall be.

Set your seal upon my heart

And live in me.

Go, Sally Yates!

Former Acting Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates

What a relief to see strong women standing up to the clowns surrounding 45 and the Republican senators defending him.

I watched the Senate Intelligence Committee subcommittee hearing for a while today.

Sally:  I told them Mike Flynn was compromised.  They went ahead.

Republicans:  But who leaked what when?

Sally: I was in the White House on Jan. 26, the afternoon before the EO banning travelers from seven countries, but the men I met with didn't mention it or ask for any review.  Perhaps they didn't want input on whether it was Constitutional or not.

Republicans:  But who leaked what when?

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Is it material for blackmail when an official [Flynn] is caught on tape saying one thing & then lies to the vice president?

Sally and James Clapper: Yes.

Republicans:  But somebody leaked something...

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Just when you're feeling safe...

Imagine my horror, while driving peacefully around beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula, to discover this sign.

I thought I was safe in blue, blue southern California from all things dt.  

No so.  You round a corner, and he's staring you in the face with gold lettering.

I took solace in the goofy bird-in-paradise flowers also there staring at the sign, as if to say, "Yeah, he's about as crazy as we are."

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Idolatry 2.0

What's wrong with this crucifix?

Yes, Jesus probably had a moustache and beard, but really--

YHWH, creator and ruler of the universe, as male? In 2017?

Aside from the idiocy and male idolatry, isn't the family resemblance between the two cute? Neither is Asian or African.  

These crosses are imported and sold by George S. Chen Corporation, based in Ontario, CA.

George and his employees need to learn that God is not male.  

Please post a message on their Facebook page:

Write or call them or send them a tweet at:
2725 E Philadelphia St
Ontario, California
Call 909-773-1788 / 1-800-777-3611

Friday, May 5, 2017

What do you long for?

Retreat organizer Madeline Stewart with retreat leader Elizabeth Nordquist.

"What do you long for and need?

  • quiet or conversation?
  • rest or activity?
  • inspiration or relief?
  • solitude or community?
  • or maybe just time to reflect and journal?"

With these words, the Reverend Dr. Elizabeth Nordquist invited us women to plan our time this weekend according to the needs we were feeling.

It was the annual women's retreat of St. Augustine by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Santa Monica, being held at the Mary & Joseph Retreat Center at the top of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  

The theme was "God's Gift to You; Your Gift to God."

Elizabeth read aloud and then brought to life the stories of five biblical women:

  • Hannah - 1 Samuel, ch. 1
  • Lydia and the anonymous slave girl - Acts 16:11-40
  • The bent-over woman - Luke 8: 43-48
  • Phoebe - Romans 6: 1-2

She invited us to be like Hannah, who stood in passionate but silent prayer in the house of YHWH at Shiloh, asking for a male child, the necessary key to social status in that day.  

Pastor Elizabeth imagined Hannah holding a tray before God with her assets and her needs: she was barren, but her husband loved her.  Other women made fun of her, but she had deep faith in God.

When she was rebuked by a priest for suspected drunkenness, she called him out: 

"Do not regard your servant as a worthless woman, for I have been speaking out of my great anxiety and vexation all this time."  The priest repented and blessed her.  

She went home "and her countenance was sad no longer."  She did get that baby.

It reminded me of "But still she persisted"--both Hannah then and Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2017.

Pastor Elizabeth invited us all to go before God with our deepest needs, first drawing a sketch of "the things on our tray" --items in our lives that we could lay before God, whether sources of joy or of pain.

This was just the first night of a powerful weekend together.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Depression spikes today with House vote


I can't deal with the House of Representatives passing a bill that would hurt women, the poor, people trying to fight addiction, and people with mental health issues.

And the prez lies: "We're going to have great, great health care for all Americans."

1)   Pregnancy, C-section, and post-partum depression are pre-existing conditions.  If you are pregnant and lose your job and have to get a new health insurance plan, your pregnancy will not be covered.

Happy Mothers Day, women.  

"Even a completed pregnancy, with no or minor complications, would result in a premium hike of $17,060 – a 425% increase," reports The Independent,

2)   All mental health issues are fairly long-standing.  They're pre-existing--so no help under this so-called "health plan" for our nation.  We can expect more insane mass murderers.

3)   Being addicted to drugs is another way to not be covered.  No coverage for medical help for addiction if you are addicted and need to change health plans.

4)   Being poor will disqualify some 24 million people from health insurance over the next ten years, thanks to a nearly trillion dollar cut in Medicaid.

Depression.  I'm now depressed by hearing this news--I and 200 million other Americans.  Out of the 322 million people in this nation, I estimate that 2/3 are dismayed/disgusted/depressed by this attempt to roll back health care.

So we all have this condition that will not be covered one of us loses a job with health insurance and has to buy a new insurance plan.

It's the era of 45, folks.  Run out and get your meds for depression or anxiety now if you have insurance.  And don't do anything that might cause you to lose your coverage.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Our Bumbling Idiot President

Abraham Lincoln: aghast at dt,
the bull in the china shop of Civil War history

I don't follow dt any more.  I've decided the New York Times and Los Angeles Times and Washington Post can keep an eye on him without my help.

But every few days some tidbit of what 45 has said or done penetrates the walls I have placed around my serenity.

Today it's the remarks he made on May 1 regarding the Civil War.  This NYT headline says it all:

This President Doesn't Go by the (History) Book: Remarks on Civil War Underscore Tenuous Grasp of the Past.

Andrew Jackson "really angry" about the Civil War??

Why did the Civil War happen, anyway?

What--Abe Lincoln a Republican?

Frederick Douglass isn't a radical living today?

The sheer ignorance of this bumbling, dumbling fool is dismaying.

Abraham Lincoln is aghast as a ghost.  

President Obama is holding his breath and hoping this fool doesn't start a war with North Korea.