Friday, February 3, 2017

Krugman: "We can't take much more"

"America and the world can't take much more of this," writes Paul Krugman.

His NY Times op-ed piece today is titled "Donald the Menace."

He reviews dt's hanging up on Malcolm Turnbull, Australia's prime minister, and threatening Mexico's president Enrique Pena Nieto with invasion.

Krugman's last two paragraphs conclude:

"...what we're hearing sounds like a man who is out of his depth and out of control, who can't even pretend to master his personal feelings of insecurity.  His first two weeks in office have been utter chaos, and things just keep getting worse--perhaps because he responds to each debacle with a desperate attempt to change the subject that only leads to a fresh debacle.

America and the world can't take much more of this.  Think about it: If you had an employee behaving this way, you'd immediately remove him from any position of responsibility and strongly suggest that he seek counseling.  And this guy is commander in chief of the world's most powerful military.

Thanks, Comey."

Sign an impeachment petition now.

This 70-year-old man has dementia.  The signs are grandiosity, lack of impulse control, and lack of memory.  I know because I watched my mother decline with these same problems. 

This cannot continue.

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