Friday, February 17, 2017

Alternet's 21 Facts on Miller

Now Alternet takes up the challenge of documenting the life and times of Stephen Miller, 45's "senior" adviser with a piece called "21 Facts That Explain Exactly Who Stephen Miller Is."

Here's the list, in summary:

  1. The NRA was "his first right-wing love."
  2. He dumped a middle-school friend because he was Latino.
  3. He clashed with the administration at Santa Monica HS.
  4. He started connecting with conservative radio talk show hosts while in high school.
  5. He reinstated the Pledge of Allegiance at SMHS.
  6. His racism was well known at SMHS.
  7. He spoke against condoms, homosexuality, Native Americans, and Muslims there.
  8. He argued against Latino and African-American groups on campus.
  9. He spoke against school janitors, black and brown (link to the 6-min documentary.)
  10. He fought multiculturalism at Duke University and accused Maya Angelou of "racial paranoia."
  11. He promoted anti-black, anti-Muslim fear on campus.
  12. He founded the anti-Muslim "Terrorism Awareness Project" on campus.
  13. He made friends with a white-supremacist Peter Brimelow.
  14. David Duke became his fan, and Jared Taylor (admired by Dylann Roof) namechecked him.
  15. He worked for Senator Jeff Sessions, 
  16. He bombarded Republicans with pro-Trump email and lies during the campaign.
  17. He spoke at dt campaign rallies.
  18. He helped write dt's RNC speech and inauguration speech.
  19. He helped write the travel ban.
  20. He showed fascist views on the Sunday talk shows on Feb. 12: "the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned."
  21. Quite a few members of his family are embarrassed by him.

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