Friday, December 2, 2016

Grim 4 years ahead...

It's going to be a grim four years.

Today's headline in the Los Angeles Times:

White House billionaires club: Wealthiest Cabinet will be tasked with serving populist agenda

Thank you to Don Lee for reporting on "the most wealthy group of people who have served in a presidential Cabinet in history," as historian Robert Spitzer describes it.

The New York Times describes how dt yesterday "soaked up the adulation" of his followers, "unabashedly gloating about the 'great' victory he had secured.

"He boasted about himself in the third person.  He sneered at the opponents he had vanquished.  He disparaged journalists and invited angry chants from the crowd, grinning broadly at calls of 'lock her up'and 'build the wall.'  He ridiculed the government's leaders as stupid and dishonest failures."

Thank you to Nick Corasaniti and Michael D. Shear for their excellent reporting and writing.

I don't see how I can bear to read coverage about this upcoming presidency.  I have turned off my television, and I quickly switch stations on my radio when I hear his voice or his supporters.

I still read the newspapers, for now.  

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