Saturday, November 12, 2016

"Your hopes, your dreams" ??

Yesterday on KPCC's Airtalk, Larry Mantle began by asking, "What are your hopes, your dreams for the Trump presidency?"

I didn't turn it off.  I was housecleaning, so I left it on.  Until I had to turn it off half an hour later.

Until that moment, I had trusted Larry as my friend via his radio talk show.  Intelligent, reasoned, liberal, tolerant...

But he has sold out.  

He could be raging against the dying of the light, like Michael Moore. Senator Harry Reid, and many others.

Instead he is accommodating to the new dominant power.  He's accepting the status quo as reasonable, something we can deal with by still having hopes and dreams about where this lying, misogynist sexual pervert will take the country in the next four years.

No, thank you.

I had already learned that I need to turn off my television for four years.  Goodbye, Rachel Maddow and all my friends via MSNBC and CNN.  

I can't see you any more because I would risk having the face and voice of that monster coming into my home.

I felt sad on Tuesday night watching Rachel as she bravely talked on, reporting the presidential race as if the apocalypse had not come.  She did not let her true feelings come to the fore.

She did what firefighters and police and doctors do in emergencies.  She stayed calm and carried on.

But in this case it was more appropriate to scream and yell or walk out of the studio--and lose her job.  What the hell.

She didn't, however.  She kept on politely reporting facts state by state.  Her mouth spoke facts but the act of continuing to sit calmly as the Titanic sank amounted to a huge lie: "This is normal." 

"This is within the range of acceptable outcomes.  I'm down with it.  I will not lose face or lose my job over dt being elected president."

I refuse to accept business-as-usual commentary on tv or radio.  I have not turned on the television since Nov. 8.  

And now Larry Mantle has taught me that I can't even listen to radio, or at least to KPCC.

Note: I can still listen to KPFK, the more radical local radio station.

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