Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Anger on Election Day

She told me to smile.  I tried.

I woke up thinking about my father and all the fathers and the patriarchal social order in the US that prevented women from voting until 1920 and then limited women to only a few representatives in the House and Senate and then blocked ratification of the ERA.

I became angry.  I blended dt in with all those fathers and all that misogyny.  I wanted to shoot dt as the personification of all that evil.

When I put my flag out to hang in front of my house, as it has hung for several days, I suddenly grabbed it and took it with me to my polling place.  Better to take a flag than a gun, I thought.

I arrived a few minutes after 6 am and found myself #10 in the line.

"Oh, a flag!" said the woman in front of me.

"Either that or a gun," I answered.  "Can't shoot dt, only vote against him."


A few days ago I posted on FB, "Enjoy voting for the first woman president!"

This morning, however, my mood was grim.  No way to enjoy voting.  I didn't take my ridgeback with her Hillary t-shirt.  I wore white in honor of the suffrage movement, but I felt like a commando going out to assault a nest of guerrilla soldiers.  

Battleground states.  Battle.  Today is not a fun day. 

It's do or die.  We must win by such a landslide that this asshole and his supporters know that they have been repudiated.  

They need to know that the country has rejected them soundly... If HRC wins with 320 electoral votes or more, will they get it?

dt has blabbed about the emails for the last few weeks, saying "Let the people judge her!"

When millions of voters choose her and make a judgment against him, will it dawn on him that people don't like the way he treats women and the way he talks about Mexicans, Muslims, prisoners of war, and other minorities?

Or, with a loss by 5 or 6 percentage points in the popular vote, will he claim it was rigged?

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