Tuesday, June 14, 2016

No More Silence!

Thank you to the Democrats who refused to observe the sanctimonious almost-monthly "moment of silence" for the latest victims of gun violence.

No more silence!  Speak out!  Some walked out of the House of Representatives chamber at the Capitol building in Washington, DC.

Others shouted immediately afterward to House Speaker Paul Ryan "Where's the bill?" for gun control legislation.

 Here's the Washington Post report:

What followed the silence was an eruption of protest from Democratic representatives critical of Congress’s inability to pass — or on Monday even consider — gun control legislation that has been proposed in the wake of an American mass shooting epidemic. Democrats shouted “Where’s the bill?” and “No leadership!” after Ryan silenced South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn’s (D) attempt to ask when gun legislation would be considered, reported the Associated Press.

Here's the CBS report:

Here's the Fox News report:

We're only three days away from the first anniversary of the shooting of 9 black church members gathered for a Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina, but Rep. Jim Clyburn was brushed aside by Ryan when he asked the House to consider gun legislation.

No more silence!

We have to speak, shout, vote, donate and fight--nonviolently--for legislation to control access to assault weapons by crazed bigots intent on killing.

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