Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mustang--best foreign film?

This film is easy to love.  

Any film about five sisters, three or four sisters, is a winner with me.  These long-legged, long-haired girls are fun to watch.

As a former professor of women & religion, I like films about women's rights and abuses as they intersect with religion.

This film reflects Turkey's current dilemma as a modern, westernized nation under pressure from right-wing Islamists to curtail the rights of women.

The plot is excellent, the characters 100% believable.  

It was also fun to hear an entire film in Turkish, a language very different from others I've heard.  It's in the Ural-Altaic language family, as are Finnish and Hungarian.  These languages are not Indo-European.

I did notice a few cognates with Hebrew, such as "emet" to mean "right, correct, yes." My Hebrew teacher told me that Turkish has many borrowed words from Hebrew and other nearby languages.

One question: how did it get the name Mustang, which evokes wild horses in the southwest US?

I suppose the young girls are supposed to be wild and free, like the horses called mustangs, but this is a stretch of a name for this film.

See the review in Variety:

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