Saturday, January 30, 2016

Still Fighting for Equal Pay...

Eleanor Smeal and other supporters of equal pay with President Obama

Thank you, Mr. President.  

We've been fighting for equal pay since I was 20.

From today's Los Angeles Times:  

The proposal, which doesn't need legislative approval, would require businesses with at least 100 employees to submit annual pay data by gender, race and ethnicity in an effort to find firms that the White House said are “unlawfully shortchanging workers.”
The median annual wage for a woman working full time is $39,600, 79% the median wage for a man, the White House said, although some critics said that generalized figure overstates the difference.
Now I know why some businesses stay below 100 employees--this required reporting won't apply to them.

FYI: Craigslist stays below 50.

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