Friday, December 4, 2015

Background Checks? Who Needs Them?

How can anybody be against background checks?  

Except criminals.

Why does the National Rifle Association oppose them?

The US Senate voted against background checks three times today.

I can't believe it.  Thank you, NRA and the Republican Party.

1)  Senator John Cornyn of Texas--a Republican--introduced a bill (or maybe amendment?) to "delay firearms sales to suspected terrorists for up to 72 hours."  Senators voted for it 55 to 44, but it needed 60 votes to pass.  

Hell, we sure wouldn't want to delay anybody's purchase of a gun for three days.  Give those terrorists fast service!

2)  Senator Dianne Feinstein of California--my senator--introduced a bill to "make it harder for people the government suspects of being terrorists" to purchase firearms.  That failed with 54 votes against, 45 in favor.  She'd already introduced this one earlier this year.

Keep it easy for terrorists to get their guns!

3)  Then a bipartisan proposal to" require background checks for all gun purchases online and at gun shows" was introduced as an amendment to a bill being voted on.  Republican Senator Patrick Toomey (Pennsylvania) and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (West Virginia) introduced it, as they had lasts March when it was proposed an an amendment to the Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act but voted down 54 to 46.

Gun shows will remain a free for all--no background checks.  And of course, people buying guns online need to do that free of government interference.  

Thank you to Mother Jones for printing the names of all 45 senators who voted against background checks.

May they be swiftly voted out of office.  

May the NRA money that elected them be written on their tombstones.

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