Friday, September 25, 2015

Being Nice to the Women

Hallelujah, the Catholic Church's inquisition against its American nuns is over!

Pope Francis made a point of praising these women in his speech at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York
City on September 24.

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious is officially off the hook and publicly praised.

But really, not much has changed.  The Women's Ordination Conference was not praised or mentioned.

Earlier this week Fr. Jack McClure was removed from ministry for speaking at the Women's Ordination Worldwide conference in Philadelphia on the weekend of Sept. 20-21.  He is the fourth priest to be sanctioned for supporting the ordination of women.

Francis is correcting the error of his most recent predecessor, but he has not yet crossed the big line of changing women's second-class status in the church.

Words are cheap.  Ending the mistaken oppression of of women by Pope Benedict XVI is a no-brainer.

If these are preliminary steps to actual change for Catholic women, I will applaud Pope Francis.

But if he is just being nice to women without substantive change down the road, may he have a road-to-Damascus event like St. Paul.

May he hear the voice of God and be blinded--so that his eyes may be opened.

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