Tuesday, August 25, 2015


There are men who hate women, especially women who stand up for themselves.

A man threw acid in the face of a Roman Catholic woman priest on Long Island in New York last week.


It's the deed of a man who feels impotent, who cannot stop change, who cannot voice his views.  He can only lurk in the shadow and injure a woman leaving her work, getting into her car.

May God strike him dead.  Eventually, this man will die and face the Holy One, the Righteous One, who hates sin, who despises attacks on innocent ones.

May God sustain and heal Dr. Alexandra Dyer.

The report in the New York Post:


And the response from the Women's Ordination Conference (WOC):


Jennifer O'Malley, Board President of the Roman Catholic WomenPriests, places the ultimate blame on the Roman Catholic Church:

“If (Dyer’s attack) was related to her being a woman priest, it fully emphasizes the need for the church to allow and accept women who are called to ordination. As long as they continue to exclude us from the church, and the longer they continue to say that women are not fully capable to be priests or to hold other positions, then it will be much easier for people like this man or anyone else to say that women don’t have to be treated equally.”

If the RCC recognized women as equals, these attacks would not happen.

Where else do acid attacks happen?  In countries where fundamentalist Muslims oppose women getting educated and having rights.  

Thank you to the male Catholic hierarchy for making female followers of Jesus as vulnerable to attack as Muslim women.

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