Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers PEACE Day

I don't like Mother's Day.  It tends to be hypocritical, honoring women one day a year and exploiting their generosity the rest of the year.

It also makes me uncomfortable because my mothering has not been all sweetness and light, the way cards and messages describe mothers on this day.

Here's a tribute by LA Times columnist Sandy Banks to Dayna Bennett, a woman in Palmdale who truly deserves some attention--and donations--on this day.

Dayna's fundraising page for her handicapped adopted daughter is at

My third complaint against this super-holiday as it is now practiced:  

Julia Ward Howe founded it as a day to remember women's losses of their children in war and to work for peace so that more mothers' hearts are not broken.

Code Pink works for this kind of action by women, on Mothers Peace Day and every day.  --video with Emad Ahmed Khassar telling her story.

Give me this kind of Mother's Peace Day or give me nothing.

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