Thursday, January 8, 2015

Not a Headline

Underneath the big headlines about the massacre of twelve people in Paris at Charlie Hepdo, I saw:

Bodies, severed heads found in Guerrero state.

Four black plastic bags containing 11 heads were found this week, according to the short article (not available in the online edition).

Presumably these heads match the 11 headless bodies found last November in the same area.  

The town where they were found is Chilapa de Alvarez, not far from where the 43 students were found in Iguala, Guerrero, last August.

The world's horrors continue, unabated.

Here's the challenge: to focus on God's presence, God's energy in creating and sustaining the Earth and the universe, to give the Creator's love to those we meet. 

Don't be vexed by evildoers...

A little while longer, and the violent will be no more....

But the gentle will inherit the land and will enjoy abundant peace.

           --Psalm 37

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