Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gender Gap among the Stanford Grads

Gender discrimination will be the last form of human division to be eliminated.

Race and class are not as deeply ingrained in our psychology as male/female divisions.

We have an African-American president in the US, but it will be years before we have a woman president.

Brains and hard work give someone from a lower class an entree into the upper classes, but the male need to preserve privilege still prevents women from advancing to full equality.

Jodi Kantor found gender discrimination pervasive in the lives of persons who were graduated from Stanford University in the year 1984. 

Some of the men found huge success in Silicon Valley.  Only a couple of women did the same, even among those who had earned degrees in the sciences or engineering.

Read the full story published in the New York Times by Kantor after her research.

Also here's an interesting background story on how she happened to investigate this subject:

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