Saturday, November 8, 2014

To my granddaughters to be

Why blog?  

I've written 585 posts since I started this blog six years ago on July 24, 2008, but most of the posts have been looked at by only a handful of people.  

Why do I continue to write and post?

There are two answers.

One was voiced by E. B. White over fifty years ago:

Thank you to Shaun Usher for posting this letter from E.B. White on his Twitter feed and for including it in his book, Letters of Note.

Thank you also to John Arthur for reporting this great tweet to me.  As a retired editor and newsman, he reports the news to me orally from his armchair 24/7.    

Like White, I can't stop writing.  My nature is to think and feel and then write, hoping to find an audience for some of the things I have written.

The other answer just came to me today: I can write for my future grandchildren.  

Never mind that my daughters, nieces, and nephews today could care less about anything I post on this blog.

There's a chance that after I am gone, some granddaughter some day will want to know what her grandmother was like as a person.  

These posts will tell her what I loved and hated and thought.

To you, my dear, I give my love and my reflections as a woman raised in the 20th century and growing old in the 21st century.  

I also give this blessing: may you live and love and reflect on the world around you.

May the humans and animals and trees continue to find ways to live together on this fragile planet.