Friday, July 25, 2014

Change for Christian Women 1974-2014

Three big things happened in 1974 for Christian women:  Pictured here are some of the first women ordained in the Episcopal Church. First row, from left, Alison Palmer and Lee McGee. Middle row, Nancy Wittig, Alison Cheek and Merrill Bittner. Back row, Emily Hewitt, Carter Heyward and Marie Moorefield Fleischer. (Alison Palmer and Lee McGee were ordained in Washington in 1975.) The picture was taken at Episcopal Divinity School in May 2004 during a celebration of the life and courage of the Rt. Rev. Robert DeWitt.

  • 11 Episcopal women were ordained in Philadelphia outside the rules of the Church (irregularly).

  • The Leadership Conference of Women Religious in 1973-74 began "extensive programs related to transforming the perceptions of and about women. We have promoted the recognition of sexism as destructive of both women and men" --in the Roman Catholic Church.  

  • Evangelical women in Chicago formed an organization to promote women's rights among theologically conservative Protestant women.


In 2014 all three groups are marking 40 years of work for women's equality within Christian churches.


Laudate Dominum! (or Dominam--why refer to God as male?)

Praise the Lord!  (or Lady Wisdom--Sophia in Greek, Hochmah in Hebrew)

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