Sunday, July 6, 2014

Abortion: A Painful Choice

"My abortion wasn't art" is the headline of Lisa Selin Davis's essay published today in the New York Times series called Private Lives.  It's honest and beautifully written.

The graphic by Bianca Bagnarelli is as moving as the essay.

Because she had done experimental feminist video in college, Lisa set off for her abortion with a video camera, planning to record the experience. 

"I could make art out of anything," she felt.

But the grim reality of the waiting room, signing forms, unexpected emotion, and physical pain took her by surprise.  

Fifteen years later she wrote this essay, commenting "I wish someone had alerted me to the harshness of the experience...."

Like me, she is still pro-choice.  She is married with two daughters now.

"I want my daughters to have the option of safe and legal abortion," she concludes.  "I just don't want them to have to use it."  

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