Friday, April 4, 2014

Pro-Voice enters the abortion dialogue

Thanks to Kay Nannette for telling me about this Kickstarter project called Pro-Voice Film.  

A group of women in San Francisco are fed up with the frozen positions of the pro-life and pro-choice political camps.  

From the two they coined a new term: pro-voice.

Rebekah Fergusson is encouraging post-abortion women to speak about their experiences, and she's touring the nation with five brave women to make a documentary as they tell their moving stories and interact with college students, church members, and others.  In Texas they will meet with State Senator Wendy Davis.

Her goal is that this dialogue be "free from politics, free from judgment."

Pro-Voice Film is connected to an organization called Exhale founded in 2000:

"a non judgmental non political abortion counseling non profit... guided by the simple notion that women who have had an abortion should lead the public discussion."

Frances Kissling of Catholics for Choice is an adviser to Exhale.

Because Kickstarter donations raised $32,000 for filming and closed, the only way to donate now is through Fractured Atlas:

Thank you to Rebekah and Exhale for your creative work for change!

The Pro-Voice Film project also has a Facebook page and is featured on Upworthy:

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