Sunday, March 2, 2014

Free Venezuela

My friend I-Joen sent me this link from her friend who has family in Venezuela:

There's an economic crisis and now student protests with the government shooting and beating up demonstrators.

Dear friends,
This is what’s going on in my country and one of the reasons why I’ve suffered so much anxiety over the last few weeks. My relatives are there. My cousin leads the opposition movement. She is one of the women shown in the video all beat up by the government. The coverage in the US has been limited, overshadowed by what’s going on in Ukraine. Please, share this message with others.

The video gives these statistics:

*  24,763 murders in 2013 - 90% unpunished

*  fewer than 5,000 murders in 1998, before current government came into power

Spread the information... write to your senator or representative.

I guess Syria, Ukraine, and Venezuela are the three most dangerous places for human rights on earth today.

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